Job Description:

A shop foreman is responsible for planning, scheduling, performing, directing, and evaluating the repair and servicing of equipment. They have significant control of maintenance equipment and are in frequent contact with company employees that use this equipment.

The shop foreman must routinely advise, consult, and help subordinates. They are also responsible for equipment repair schedules and records, including meeting any deadlines or requests by other employees. Additionally, the shop foreman must purchase any necessary parts to complete repairs, and so knowledge of repair procedures and basic computer software (to place orders) is necessary. Repairs may sometimes have to be done in harsh weather conditions, which means the foreman’s work conditions may vary with climate. Typically, a road supervisor oversees the shop’s operations, including the performance of the shop foreman.

Some other duties performed by the shop foreman include assigning work to subordinates, as well as establishing deadlines and modifying work schedules to meet deadlines as needed. They must provide accurate estimates of repair costs, inspect shop facilities to ensure safety and efficiency, and routinely inspect equipment to ensure full operational functionality. Additionally, shop foremen must also provide any other assistance when needed.

Several years’ experience in the repair of vehicles or maintenance equipment is typically needed or a equivalent experience as a supervisor in a repair shop.


Shop Foreman Tasks:

– Maintaining all equipment and entire shop area at optimal conditions
– Train and mentor Crew members on equipment and shop standards, leading by example.
– Perform vehicle inspections, diagnostics, and repairs for optimal safety at all times
– Manage and maintain work environment safety, perform inspections, and ensure adherence to regulations.