You don’t build a culture on paper. You build it on people. If we want a hard working company, we need to hire hard working people. If we want a company that is cooperative with each other, we need to hire cooperative people. There’s a very simple business principle that I’m trying to follow. I think that’s what makes it an awesome place to work. We have great people. -Mike Farrell, Owner (as quoted in the Circleville Herald)


We’re excited to meet you!

At Mike’s Landscaping, we work hard to create an environment of integrity, optimism, professionalism, and creativity. Each and every member of our team is highly important to us, and we always have opportunities to learn and grow both in friendships and in leadership. Feel free to browse around and learn about Our Story, Who We Are, and the Services we offer.

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Qualities of a Mike’s Landscaping Team Member:

    • Ethical and high-quality, driven character
    • Strong work-ethic
    • Dedication to family and career
    • Politeness and Professionalism at all times (No profanity, no smoking, and no drinking on company time)
    • Punctuality, always dressed in company uniform
    • Team-player and excellent communicator
    • Quick learner and able to follow directions
    • Responsible and safe with equipment
  • Attention to detail and dedication to quality work

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