Want a Free Firepit? Check Out Our Spring Patio Promotion!

Paver Patio with Firepit, Seating Wall, and Custom Grill Box

Spring is fast approaching (hopefully!), and what better way to welcome Spring with than a new patio to complete your backyard landscape!

To get you even more amped for warm weather, when you plan and purchase a hardscaping project valued at $10,000 or more, you can choose an added feature valued at $1000 FOR FREE! See below for details.

Buy More, Get More

When you know what you want, why not get more? Get even more value for your money with each pricing tier. See the photos below each tier for visuals of add-on options. Note that these options are limited and pre-determined by price point and materials available.

Tier 1: Spend $10,000-19,999, and Choose Your $1000 Free Gift

  • 12 ft of Seating Wall – The more the merrier! Adds extra seating for more friends and family.
  • Sunset Firepit Kit – Spark some entertainment on your patio (and roast marshmallows!)
  • 2 Step, Single-Directional Step System – Sounds complicated, but it will get you from here to there (house-to-patio, that is)
  • A Bubbling Water Feature with Paver & Decorative Rock Surround  – Create an outdoor oasis by adding sound and ambiance to your patio.

Pssst! If you choose any variation of these versatile pavers with a border of these pavers for a 500 square foot patio, you’ll be in Tier 1 territory & eligible for a FREE $1000 add-on!

Tier 2: Spend $20,000-29,000, and Choose Your $2000 Free Gift:

  • 3 Step, 3-Directional Step System – Will get you from here to there, three ways!
  • Grill Box – Nestle your standard-sized grill for summer cookouts.
  • 25 feet of Seating Wall – The more the merrier-er! Even more seating for friends & family! Also, the wall can be split into multiple walls if need be
  • Lighting Package – Let there be light! Show off your beautiful patio day and night.

Tier 3: Spend $30,000, and Choose Your $3000 Free Gift

  • Now we’re talking! – This tier allows you to choose any combination from the first two tiers totaling $3000. You could do three options from Tier 1, or two from 1 and one from 2, or… well, you get it.
  • OR, you can get the lovely lighting package from Tier 2, PLUS 7 blade lights to illuminate more of your patio.

Check out the 3D Design video below to help you imagine a few of these options:

3D Design Rendering of a sample 500 Sq Ft Paver Patio featuring Firepit, 12 ft Seating Wall, Water Feature, 2 Step, Single-Directional Step System, Grill Box for standard grill, Decorative Rock/Mulch & Plant Installation options (most of which are options with your Tier 1 patio).

Is hardscaping not your thing? Ask your representative about our landscaping Plant Add-On Package options for each tier (one option shown in the video above).

Need help planning your patio? Use our new Project Planner!

Contact us to help you with the details and get your dream landscape started!

Patio Perfect: The Importance of Value in Paver Patios

Natural Stone Patio with Steel Edging, Decorative Rock and Plant Installation, done by Mike's Landscaping

A patio can add major appeal and function to a home, allowing you to spend time with your family and enjoy the outdoors. When investing thousands — or possibly tens of thousands — of dollars into a patio there are a few things you as a consumer should consider.

What are you planning to use your patio for?

Not all patios are created equal; they can have a variety of added features. These features include hot tubs, pergolas, fire pit areas, and water features, each of which require different standards in structural integrity to give you a long-lasting finished product. Selecting a company that upholds those standards throughout the building process could mean the difference between you enjoying your patio for years to come, or your patio being a burden to you for years to come. That’s why we here at Mike’s Landscaping are a “Do It Right the First Time” company. Additionally, any hardscape Mike’s Landscaping installs comes with a 3-year warranty and an option for an extended 5-year warranty with included patio maintenance.

Where are the products coming from?

When it comes to pavers, there are a vast variety available, but each is certainly not the same. Many paver companies will charge a premium for their product, and some are very cheap. To put it simply, you get what you pay for. After a certain point, your patio (and the company who installed it) is only as good as the products in the ground. Mike’s Landscaping Construction exclusively works with Unilock, Techo-Bloc, and Cambridge. These vendors are all innovative, industry-leading companies for their high density pavers, color options, and paver styles. These products come with a transferable lifetime warranty, and will leave you with the highest quality patio.

What’s your style?

Since Mike’s Landscaping works with three innovative paver vendors, there are near endless options to account for all the different strokes for the different folks. Paver collections can come in a one to three size pattern, with a large variety of different textures, such as a slate-, brushed-, or smooth-finish top. Unilock in particular is on the leading edge of the industry in textures and color blends with their Enduracolor and Enduracolor Plus selections, which offer you the best color and texture for the longest time among all other paver vendors.

Natural Stone Patio with Landscaping by Mike’s Landscaping

Here at Mike’s Landscaping, our Construction Team prides itself on our ability to offer the highest quality patio and outdoor entertainment area, and one that is unique to you. This quality and personalization is possible when you consider these aspects of patio planning, down to the most meticulous detail, to bring you a finished patio that will be the envy of your neighborhood.