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Simple Backyard Camelt River Patio with Holland Charcoal border, includes Natural Step Tread, Firepit with Brussels Seating wall with Fullnose Charcoal Coping
Frontyard Landscape Renovation
Natural Stone Steps leading to Avante Ashlar River Walkway

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Beacon Hill River Patio with Copthorne Border, Patio Sealer, Custom Built Steps
Black Hills Natural Flagstone Porch Overlay and Walkway
Beacon Hill Sierra Patio bordered with Copthorne Basalt, raised with Brussels Block 
Beacon Hill Sierra Patio bordered by Brussels Black Wall, Columns and Firepit
Pavilion, Camelot River Patio with Holland Premier Mocha Border, Firepit, Vinyl Picket Fence, Composite Deck with Lighted Posts, Landscape Lighting, Decorative Gravel, and Planting
Pavilion, Camelot River Patio with Holland Premier Mocha Border, Firepit, Vinyl Picket Fence, Composite Deck, Landscape Lighting, Landscaping, Decorative Gravel, and Planting
Converted an old backyard pond to this Pavilion with a tiered Natural Flagstone Patio down to a Firepit with Natural Stone Chunks for seating.
Sunken/Hillside Firepit & Patio 
Natural Stone Edging
Landscape Lighting
Transormed backyard into Beacon Hill Slate Blue bordered by Copthorne Basalt walkway/patio leading into firepit Area
Brussels Firepit with Seating wall, Fullnose Charcoal Coping with Ledgestone Column Cap

Our 2016 Client of the Year Award, Presented at This Year’s Employee Banquet

Last week we hosted our annual Mike’s Landscaping Awards Banquet to honor our employees and special clients. One particular couple we honored was Charlie & Karen Morrison.

Charlie and Karen have not only been wonderful clients to work with this past year, but they are a constant inspiration to us all here at Mike’s Landscaping.

We cannot commend them enough for being such a nice couple and for being such a pleasure to work with. We are so thankful for their continued support of our company.

This wonderful couple unfortunately weren’t able to attend our banquet this year because Karen is currently undergoing chemotherapy for cancer. We wanted to make sure they knew they were missed and how much we truly appreciate our relationship with them by awarding them with this little token from us.

To follow Karen and Charlie’s journey, please visit their website for updates on Karen’s progress, and see below for a video we shot of Mike’s speech honoring this amazing couple. They are always in our thoughts and prayers.

Patio Perfect: The Importance of Value in Paver Patios

Natural Stone Patio with Steel Edging, Decorative Rock and Plant Installation, done by Mike's Landscaping

A patio can add major appeal and function to a home, allowing you to spend time with your family and enjoy the outdoors. When investing thousands — or possibly tens of thousands — of dollars into a patio there are a few things you as a consumer should consider.

What are you planning to use your patio for?

Not all patios are created equal; they can have a variety of added features. These features include hot tubs, pergolas, fire pit areas, and water features, each of which require different standards in structural integrity to give you a long-lasting finished product. Selecting a company that upholds those standards throughout the building process could mean the difference between you enjoying your patio for years to come, or your patio being a burden to you for years to come. That’s why we here at Mike’s Landscaping are a “Do It Right the First Time” company. Additionally, any hardscape Mike’s Landscaping installs comes with a 3-year warranty and an option for an extended 5-year warranty with included patio maintenance.

Where are the products coming from?

When it comes to pavers, there are a vast variety available, but each is certainly not the same. Many paver companies will charge a premium for their product, and some are very cheap. To put it simply, you get what you pay for. After a certain point, your patio (and the company who installed it) is only as good as the products in the ground. Mike’s Landscaping Construction exclusively works with Unilock, Techo-Bloc, and Cambridge. These vendors are all innovative, industry-leading companies for their high density pavers, color options, and paver styles. These products come with a transferable lifetime warranty, and will leave you with the highest quality patio.

What’s your style?

Since Mike’s Landscaping works with three innovative paver vendors, there are near endless options to account for all the different strokes for the different folks. Paver collections can come in a one to three size pattern, with a large variety of different textures, such as a slate-, brushed-, or smooth-finish top. Unilock in particular is on the leading edge of the industry in textures and color blends with their Enduracolor and Enduracolor Plus selections, which offer you the best color and texture for the longest time among all other paver vendors.

Natural Stone Patio with Landscaping by Mike’s Landscaping

Here at Mike’s Landscaping, our Construction Team prides itself on our ability to offer the highest quality patio and outdoor entertainment area, and one that is unique to you. This quality and personalization is possible when you consider these aspects of patio planning, down to the most meticulous detail, to bring you a finished patio that will be the envy of your neighborhood.

Controlling the Burn: 4 Easy Steps to Stay Safe with Fall Fires

Fall Leaves

Fall is here and we’re all excited to get outside. Fall time calls for bon fires, toasted marshmallows and ghost stories. But, is your land as prepared as you for a fire? Make sure you are taking all the necessary precautions to keep you and your landscape safe this fall! By giving your site a second look and taking the necessary precautions, you could keep yourself and your land safe this year!

Putting together your campfire site: When picking a site for a bon fire, you need to check not only the land where the fire will be placed, but also the surrounding area.  Make sure you are starting the fire in a proper fire ring, fire pit or in a gravel surrounded ring. Starting a fire in an appropriately built fire pit, will give you a greater chance of being able to fully enjoy the fire and a lesser chance of it getting away from you. If you start a fire around dry grass, it has potential to catch and spread at a rapid rate. A well-treated lawn has a lesser chance of catching fire as easy.

Check the weather: When planning a fire, make sure you first call and check with your local Fire Department. Many weather conditions can factor into your fire making and the potential for a fire spreading. The wind can play a huge part in the spread of fire.  Embers and sparks may fly onto surrounding grass or into surrounding landscape and catch, causing a bigger area coverage making it harder to put the fire out if not fully prepared.

Use the right burning material: Only burn safe materials such as twigs, branches and leaves. Burning water bottles and other plastics may blow up and out of your fire. Burning anything other than a compostable material also pollutes the air and is harder on the lungs if inhaled. It can also be harmful if the fire is being used to cook food.

Properly extinguish your fireMake sure, before the fire is even started, that you have something close by to extinguish it. This could be, a hose, bucket or extinguisher. Having one of these things handy will not only give you piece of mind but also be easily accessible if the fire does get too out of hand. This is another reason that a properly built fire pit or ring is a good idea.

We hope you have a very safe fun-filled fall season!

-The Mike’s Landscaping Team