You can teach how to mulch, trim and build patios, but you can’t teach character. -Mike Farrell, Circleville Herald

At Mike’s Landscaping, we strive for greatness. We look for teammates with outstanding character, and work hard to exceed our clients’ expectations at every level of service, all while creating memories and developing friendships. We study our industry thoroughly and remain innovative, offering beautiful designs and services that are up to par with current technology and trends.

Our Mission

Mike’s Landscaping was founded on the simplicity of excellence: to inspire joy within our customers and team members through the creations of superior outdoor environments.

We hold the recruitment of character-driven, skilled team members in the highest esteem. We continually remain innovative as the market changes.

We accept adversity as an opportunity to improve. Together, we are creating a future and building a dream.

Our Vision

To be the leading outdoor service provider by standards of excellence in customer retention, employee loyalty, and profitability.

Without employment loyalty, we will not have customer retention. Without customer retention, we will not have profitability. Without profitability, we will not have employee loyalty.

We will not expand to a new area, offer a new service, or hire or retain a team member if this this standard of excellence cannot be upheld.

Our Core Values

  1. We pride ourselves on integrity. We always do the right thing.
  2. We value “Team” (Together Everyone Achieves More) as our greatest investment with our highest return work.
  3. Communication is key to our customer’s loyalty and our team’s success. “Say it Once.”
  4. We start with “Why.” There is always a reason for what we are doing.
  5. Every team member is a Sales Representative!
  6. Even if we don’t know all the answers, we strive to find all the right answers.
  7. We strive for maximizing efficiency without sacrificing quality or effectiveness.
  8. We don’t make the same mistakes twice! “Nothing is a failure unless we fail to learn from it.”
  9. We accept adversity as an opportunity to become better.
  10. We continually remain innovative as the market changes.
  11. We understand that our families are more important than this company.

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Interested in joining the Mike’s Landscaping Team? We are always looking for people who can uphold our standards and quality. We look forward to meeting you!